• November : not available due to 2nd covid lockdown.

  • December : currently available (subject to release from covid restrictions) from 2nd December up to departure on Tuesday 15th December (Xmas  and New Year are both booked).



  • January : available from Tuesday 12th onwards

  • February : available from Friday 19th onwards

  • March : fully booked

  • April : available for one week from Tuesday 13th

  • May : Available from Tuesday 4th May for one week, and from Friday 21st May onwards

  • June : available up to Tuesday 15th

  • July:  a long weekend is available from Friday 9th to departure on Tuesday 13th (4 nights)

  • August: only available from Friday 27th onwards

  • September: available up to departure on Friday 17th

  • October: available from Friday 8th to departures on the 29th

  • November: Available from Tuesday 9th onwards

  • December: fully available.


(as of 25 September 2020) 

We have added special "Covid terms" to all our bookings (see Terms & Conditions page for details ).

In particular we are leaving a gap of 3-4 days between bookings (in line with industry advice) so that 7 night bookings will start on either a Friday or a Tuesday. Please select your preferred dates and we will advise if these are compatible.