We have re-opened the cottage from 12 April.  Our bookings in the first half of the year are based on our covid terms, which give a 3/4 day gap between bookings.  However, once the government has completely removed covid restrictions (currently estimated to be 21 June), we will be able to go back to our normal 'back to back' bookings, whereby departures and arrivals are on the same day.  This means that we may be able to offer some weekends for bookings.  Whilst we are unable to take bookings for these dates yet,  you may wish to register an interest in a date in advance.

  • Friday 23 July for 3 night

  • Friday 3 September for 3 nights


Our normal availability is as follows:

  • April : fully booked

  • May : fully booked

  • June : fully booked

  • July:  fully booked

  • August: fully booked

  • September: fully booked

  • October: fully booked

  • November: Available from Friday 19th onwards

  • December: fully available.


(as of 17 May, 2021) 

Until the covid status is back to normal, we have added special "Covid terms" to our bookings (see Terms & Conditions page for details ).

In particular we are leaving a gap of 3-4 days between bookings (in line with industry advice) so that 7 night bookings will start on either a Friday or a Tuesday.