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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there walks direct from the cottage?

Yes, there are footpaths that run past the Mill and take you straight out into fields that lead on to masses of other walks.  You do not need to get in your car to take your dogs out for a lovely walk.  The Cotswold Way is on your doorstep. Some fields will have cattle or sheep on them at certain times of year.  The Millenium Green (the village communal area) is very close by. We own 17 acres of land some of which has footpaths on it but includes 3 acres which are private to us and to you (the paddocks) which is only 20 yards from the cottage.

What phone & broadband reception is there?

There is free WiFi in the cottage, and the speed should be adequate for iplayer and similar applications (but be aware that rural broadband can be more variable and less reliable than in urban areas).

The mobile phone signal is weak as you are in the bottom of a valley – Orange (EE) and Three are the best for reception but even then you may need to go outside the cottage or upstairs.  For other providers you may need to walk or drive to a higher point in the valley.

There isn't a landline phone in the cottage.

Can I park my car near the cottage?

Yes. There is plenty of space for several vehicles, but we do ask you to park in particular places so that you don’t block anybody else.

How can I pay? Do you take credit cards?

You can pay by cheque or bank transfer. We don’t take credit or debit cards.

What supplies and provisions are provided?

There is a ‘Welcome Tray’ with tea, coffee and sugar for your use - and a pint of milk in the fridge (plus some doggie biscuits  and some yummy ones for you too!); but you will need to bring all other food items including salt and pepper.  Washing-up liquid, dishwasher tablets, a bar of soap and a loo roll are provided.

Where is the nearest shop?

There is a Village Store a short walk away, where most essentials can be bought. The nearest supermarkets are 3 miles away in Dursley (Sainsbury's, Lidl and Iceland). Tesco, Co-op and Waitrose can be found in other nearby towns (details are in the Cottage handbook).

There is also a very good pet shop in Dursley that should be able to supply most doggy things that you might need.

Can I arrange a grocery delivery?

Yes, you can arrange your own online grocery delivery before or during your stay.  Both Sainsbury's and Waitrose are known to deliver to the cottage - others may do so.  You will need to ensure that you book a delivery slot for when you know you will be in the cottage and specify that the delivery address is 'Juniper Cottage at Sheppards Mill'.

Are there any DVDs / books in the cottage?

Yes, there's a small selection of both to suita variety of tastes. In addition we have a number of books on the history of the area, especially the history of the main Mill building and the original Mill complex.  The man who built the Mill (a Mr. Sheppard) has quite an interesting history.

There are also jigsaws, a pack of cards and a few Board Games to keep you entertained on rainy days or dark evenings! 

How about guidebooks and maps?

We provide local Ordnance Survey maps and some guides to walks in the Cotswolds.

Is there an iron and ironing board in the cottage?

Both, yes, as well as a rack for drying out wet things! There is also a washing line in the courtyard.

Do I need to bring my own bedding / towels?

No, we provide hand towels, bath towels and a face cloth for each guest; and all the beds are made up ready for your use.

Do I need a torch?

Yes, we recommend you bring one for going out at night.  There are outside lights to the cottage itself, but the surrounding area has little or no street lighting.

Are there any livestock in the surrounding fields?

Some of the fields will have cattle in them at various times (normally in the summer months), but there are still plenty of fields – and walks – which are ‘cow free’.  We own three fields which are ‘cow free’ most of the year.  We let the farmer put the cows on once or twice a year for 5/6 days just to eat the grass down, but that is all.

There can be cows in the field adjacent to the cottage at some times of the year (but they can’t get into the cottage garden).

There is only one small flock of sheep in the valley and that is several fields away.

If you are concerned to avoid livestock with your dogs we can provide specific information and advice during your stay.

Is it a noisy area?

No, you are in the bottom of a valley on the edge of the village.  There is no traffic noise.  The main noise is from the wild life (geese flying overhead) or cows! Many visitors comment on how peaceful the cottage is.

Can I walk to the village pub? Does it do food? Is it dog friendly?

Yes to all three! ... and it also does local beer.  

The pub serves simple traditional food.

The pub is a 10 minute walk either through the village or across the fields.

You can take your dogs inside or sit outside in the garden or on the Village Green.

There are many other dog friendly pubs that are a short drive or a longer walk away, varying from trendy gastropubs to small local hostelries.

There is also an excellent cafe near the cottage, which does wonderful home-made cakes.

Can I bring children?

Because of the streams and culverts associated with the Mill, we do not allow young children.  We are happy to consider older children if they are sensible and you are taking full responsibility for them.

Can I cancel or change my booking?  Can I get a refund?

We'll always try and move a booking to another date for you if you have to change your plans, but bear in mind that we do get very booked up so there may be a limited range of options for you; and you may have to pay a supplement if the new dates are in a higher price range.

If you want to cancel completely, you may lose some or all of any monies paid but we may be able to resell those dates, in which case we'll give you a refund (which may be partial, if we've had to discount the cost for a last-minute booking).

See our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Is there a local vets?

Yes, just outside Dursley, and about 15-20 minutes from the cottage, is Vale Vets, which we use for our own hounds.  It offers a 24 hour, 365 day emergency service and is a proper veterinary hospital.  It has a number of specialists vets. There is also a pet rehab service (watertank, physio, chiro, acupuncture etc) which is even more conveniently located just outside Uley, so less than 5 minutes away.


How many dogs can I bring?

There is no fixed limit. Instead, we judge the numbers of dogs by the size/breed you are proposing to bring and make a judgement about how many can comfortably fit in the cottage, also taking into account how many people are coming. 5 medium sized or small dogs with 2 people is a comfortable ‘fit’.  You will need to tell us how many dogs you propose to bring, their breed  and their ages. Also any unusual aspects such as a deaf dog.

There are cats at the Mill and others at properties nearby, so if your dog does not like cats, please also take this into account.

Can my dog get out?

The courtyard and small garden to the cottage are fully fenced with sheep netting.  But an ‘escape artist’ could find a way out, so if you have one of these, you need to judge whether they can jump, dig or scramble through the defences! Also bear in mind that there may be livestock (at certain times of year) and wildlife in the field adjacent to the cottage, so if your dog is exciteable you may need to manage it more closely.


What facilities are there for my dogs at the cottage?

We try to make the cottage as 'dog friendly' as possible; providing, for example, 2 dog throws for covering sofa/chairs in the living room (but please feel free to bring your own, if you think that’s appropriate for your doggies) and there are easy-wipe tiles downstairs so that you don't have to worry about muddy paws (or feet) when you come back in.

We have a dog gate at the bottom of the stairs so that you can keep your dogs downstairs.

Outside, we also have a hose for muddy paws, dog poo shovels, and a ‘poo bag’ bin (as well as an ordinary bin) so that you have somewhere for your poo bags.

You also have use of a 3 acre paddock / orchard area (which is private to us and you – no public access).

You will need to bring your own dog food, bowls, towels, dog bedding and poo bags.

Are there any safe places where I can let my dog off the lead?

Yes, we have the paddocks close to the cottage and Mill area as well as some (ex-)pony paddocks on the edge of our fields.  These areas are fenced and private (no footpaths through them).  Owners of expert escape-artists will need to make a judgement but for most dogs the fencing is sufficient disincentive.

Can I leave my dogs in the cottage while I go out?

Because dogs can get anxious in strange places if left on their own we do not allow this – they want to be with you in any case!

What if my dog does any damage to the cottage?

You are fully responsible for your dog and we will charge you for any damage that it does. In addition, if there is any extra cleaning required because of excessive mess in the cottage, we will have to charge you for this. We have decorated with dogs in mind and the downstairs of the cottage is tiled, which is easier to keep clean. There are cleaning materials in the cottage and you are encouraged to clean up after your dog and to remove any dog hairs.  Please keep your dog off the beds, sofa and chairs.

Where can my dog do a constitutional? Will I need to 'poop and scoop'?

You will need to 'scoop' up any poos in the cottage garden/courtyard and the paddock area. You will also need to 'scoop' in the Millenium Green and round the village.  There are a number of poo bins for your use.

What do I need to bring for my dog?

You will need to provide your dog's feeding and water bowls, its bedding, its food and doggy towels to dry him down. There is an excellent pet shop in Dursley if you need more provisions.

Can I bring any other pets?

No, we only allow dogs.

Phone signal?
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